Malaysia’s First and only truly “Child-Safe” Debit Card

Join our priority list today to get early access, and earn free subscriptions to the Vircle Child-Safe debit card, up to three years free guaranteed subscription for all your children.

Vircle Features

Flexible Control

Develop the 
Savings Habit

Accountability &

Freedom to 
Experience & Learn

App for parent. Card for child.

Making Parenting Easier

Flexible Control

​Select where your child can spend (e.g. you can block online spending).  If the card is lost, you can lock it via the app.

Spend Notifications

See where your children are spending and what they are spending on, in real-time and historically.

Savings Goals

Teach your child good saving habits, setting goals for them to achieve.


Set daily and weekly missions for your child, at school and home. Teaches responsibility and accountability.


Set rewards in the form of money and stars, to continually reward the child. Positive approach to parenting.

Child Safety

No money sits on card, only approved allowance. No overspending worries!

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Get early access, and earn free subscriptions to the Vircle Child-Safe debit card, up to 3 Years free for all your children.